Monday, July 15, 2013

Ek cheekh

Woh mar kar maut ko jeet gayi... Hum jee kar bhi zindagi ko haar gaye..!!

" In memory of Delhi gang rape victim - Damini "

Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi
Marte-marte zaroor muskurayi bhi hogi
Yaad aaya hoga bhai ko rakhi baandhana
Jaate-jaate Maa Baap ki yaad satayi bhi hogi

Bhagwaan se zinda rehne ki aas lagayi toh hogi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Aakhiri baar tatole honge bikhre hue sapne
Num aankhon se yaad kiye honge sab apne
"Kaash uss bus mein na chadti" bhi socha hoga
Kaash uss din hote saang uske sab apne

Ek aakhiri baar un darindon ki darindagi yaad aayi toh hogi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Che mardon mein apne jism ko bat'te dekha hoga usne
Udaan bharne wale apne parro ko kat'te dekha hoga usne
Bahut kuch dekha hoga uss raat jo kabhi socha bhi na hoga
Khud ke aage khud ko marte dekha hoga usne

"Eh Bhagwaan bachale mujhe" - Yeh fariyaad zubaan par aayi toh hogi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Woh bachpan mein ped par charh kachche amrudo ko thordna
Mohalle mein cricket khelte hue padosi ka kaanch phodna
Woh gaon mein bhains ke seeng pakad steering ki tarah modhna
"Maa, yeh mithai sab bhai ne khayi hai" - Aisa nadaan jhooth bolna

Bachpan ki meethi yaadein ek aakhiri baar bulayi toh hongi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Naye kharidey hue kapade dharey ke dharey reh gaye
Beti ki shaadi ke jode paise pade ke pade reh gaye
Ab kaun mangega pita se haq se pocket money
Woh mar kar amar ho gayi, hum jee kar bhi mare ke mare reh gaye

Mummy Papa ne apni Rani bitiya ko aakhiri baar pariyon ki kahani sunayi toh hogi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Ek sawaal usne insaan ke bhagwaan se kiya hoga
Ek sawaal uss bhagwaan ke insaan se bhi kiya hoga
Kiye honge khud se kitne he sawaal kitni baar uss ne
Ek jawaab khud ko khud he diya bhi hoga

“Kya ho gaya zindagi mein” yeh vichaar kar ghabrayi toh hogi...
... Ek cheekh usne lagayi toh hogi

Woh mar kar bhi har hindustani mein zinda hai
Bahut unchi udaan hai uss ki, woh ek bekhauf parinda hai
Tarunnam mein jeene wali andheri vaadiyon mein kahi kho gayi
Apni zindagi ki toh na ho saki par purre bharat ki woh ho gayi 

Damini, tumhari kurbani par he naye Bharat ka nirmaan hoga
Yeh tumhara har bharatwasi par ehsaan hoga
Yun toh kuch nahi kar sakta mein tumhare liye
Par meri yeh kavita tumhare honsle, sahas, aur jajbe ko salaam hoga


 ... Ek Cheek Bharat Ki Beti Ne Lagayi Toh Hogi..!!

                                                             - Jorawar Walia

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega..

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega.. Phir naya kal aayega..
Phir naye kal ke har pal mein, Naseeb phir se likha jayega..

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega..

Phir jagegi nayi ummeed, phir dikhegi manzil kareeb..
Bahut aayengi aarchane par naya hal bhi sang aayega..

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega..

Gir kar uth kar, uth kar gir kar tu manzil tak jayega
Waqt ka imtihaan baar-baar tere dheeraj ko aajmaega..

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega..

Dhal jayegi umeedein teri, khawaab dhundhale bhi honge
Kal ka soch-soch aaj ko gawaana, aise silsile bhi honge
Arjun ki tarah lakshya ki aakh mein tu dekhega agar..
Toh Jeet haar jayegi tere aage, aise falsafe bhi honge

Kaun nahi hai girta bata, kaun nahi hai khaata thokar?
Kaun hai har baar jeet'ta, kaun paata hai bina kuch khokar?
Gir, uth, chal, mudh... Bas tune rukna nahi
Waqt todega peeth teri.. Par tune jhukna nahi

Mushkil samay toh bas hass ka apne aap tal jaeyga
Yeh din bhi dhal jayega.. Phir naya kal aayega

Yeh din bhi dhal jayega..

                                                       - Jorawar Walia

Sunday, September 16, 2012

10+1 things girls say often

When it comes to the language center of the brain, women’s brain works differently than men’s. On an average, women speak at a rate of 250 words per minute, while men average half of that. In the course of a day, a woman will speak some 20,000 words, while guys utter just about 7,000. This is why the husbands sometimes struggle to keep focused on what the wives are saying.

Girls love to talk. A girl can visit her friend for two weeks, and upon returning home, she will call the same friend and they will talk for three more hours.
Silence intimidate girls and they feel a need to fill it, even if they have nothing to say.
For girls, talking is a priority and breathing comes second.

Here are 10+1 things girls say often
1. Sab Kuch Karenge Par Shaadi Ke Baad:  This is the deadliest arrow a girl can shoot. This arrow penetrates guy’s penis and he instantly becomes Bobby Darling. If a girl says “Sab Kuch Karenge Par Shaadi Ke Baad”, then be prepared to see her holding some other guy’s hand very soon.
This phrase either means she is not completely into you, or it means previously many guys had Looto-fy her izzat and left.

If the girl doesn’t allow the guy to screw her, then the guy is screwed.

2. Ladko Ko Toh Bas Ek Cheez Chahiye:  This theory has travelled down centuries by aunties who either never got laid like Dolly Bindra, or got laid too often like Savita Bhabhi.

I don’t understand why do girls always say that the guys need only one thing from them? Kya hai woh cheez, aaj bata he do.... Girls, you took our name, you took our clothes, you took our style, our hairstyle, our drinking habits etc. and all we ever took was a hole, aur tum bura maan gayi... Kya yaar!

"The one thing that every guy wants is TRUE LOVE."     Do you girls have that to give?

3. Ladkiyon Ka Purse Khol Kar Nahi Dekhte: Okay. Girls, let me make one thing very clear. Every guy on this freaking earth knows that you girls carry sanitary pads in your purse. It’s not a hidden secret, anymore. So, don’t get all hyper when a guy touches your purse. We’re not going to take out your Whisper and use it as a poocha to wipe the floor.


4. Mere Phone Ko Haath Mat Lagao: Apparently, there are so many secrets stored in a girl’s mobile that it will put Swiss Bank to shame. If you touch your girlfriend’s phone, she will snatch it back faster than Salman Khan removes his shirt.
Guys, let me solve the mystery of a normal Indian girl’s mobile phone.
If you remove the back cover, you might find a second SIM card. Some even hide it beneath the battery. If you check the 'Call history' you’ll see calls from unknown numbers which lasted for hours, and if you check the time of the calls you will be saddened to discover that the calls were attended after she told you she is about to sleep. If you check the 'Images' folder, you might find her naked pictures, but you never know who else you’ll see in the picture. Be prepared for a surpise.
Check her phone 'Messages' only if you’re not a heart patient.
So, gist of the matter is, never touch your girl’s mobile phone.  NO NO NO       NEVER  ji  NEVER

“Touch me but don’t touch my phone”  is 21 century’s mantra for a stable relationship.

5. Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon:  Uffffff!!!!! Ek toh mujhe aaj tak ladkiyon ki type he nahi pata chali.

You try to kiss her, she will say
à ‘Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon’
You ask her out for a movie 
à ‘Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon’
You send her a so-called ‘Non-Veg’ joke, she will LOL, forward it to her friends, and message you back saying, ‘Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon’
You try to talk dirty, she goes
à ‘Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon’

And finally, if you ask her for marriage, then also she will say,
à “Mein Iss Type Ki Ladki Nahi Hoon”.

W                               T                                F


6.  Ab Tum Pehle Jaise Nahi Rahe:  For the sake of 330 million Indian gods, please tell me what do girls mean by this!

A girl first asks her guy to start coming home early. Then she commands him to stop drinking, stop going out with his friends, start watching Saas-Bahu soaps with her, stop farting, stop scratching his crotch publicly, stop eating with open mouth, start bathing daily, stop watching porn, etc.  And when the poor guy adapts to all these changes, then she simply says, “Ab Tum Pehle Jaise Nahi Rahe” and finds another guy…… and starts changing him too.


7. Sab Ladke Ek Jaise Hote Hain: Girls, you’re right on this. This is how God made us. Every guy is same. Everyone got one penis, two testicles, one butt divided into two, one heart to be broken repeatedly, two hands to work hard for his woman, two legs to run around and do the best for his family, one stupid brain to believe that his girl is best in the world, and one mouth to keep shut in front of her.

Yes, every guy is same.

8. Mujhe Kiss Karna Nahi Aata: Obviously girl, your lips are made for much bigger jobs, like BL**JOB!

9. Mujhe Aisi Baatein Pasand Nahi: Aisi baatein!!! Kaisi baatein?
Aapko so called aisi baaton ka matlab pata hai, par pasand nahi. Matlab pehli aisi baatein kissi ke saath ki hongi.
Hmmm… Toh Delhi Belly dekhte hue itna kyun hass rahi thi aap?

Delhi Belly dekhegi Hindi mein, aur Sati Savetri banegi Suit aur Bindi mein.

Wah Hypocrite Bharatiyein naari, Wah!!!

10. Mein Ek Shareef Ladki Hoon : Hanji Mohtarma, mein bhi ek sareef ladka he hu. Mera ghar GB road par nahi hai.
There is a saying famous among boys, “Shareef toh gadhi bhi hoti hai”. Kindly ask your BF what does the saying means.

…. and the +1 thing which girls say often is …..

*Drum roll*
 --> I'm a VIRGIN


                                                                                                                   - Jorawar Walia

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Everything I’ve lost, nothing I’ve gained
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

I rhyme my pain, I rhyme my miseries
My life is a scam, like fake degrees
My future is jittery, my vision is contradictory
My life is a sheer loss, I hope death will be my victory

I’ve messed up my own life, I’ve no one to blame
God wrote my life but the paper seems plain
I’m shooting at stars without taking any aim
Life is a bitch, what a manipulated game


My life is like scattered leaves which no one will claim
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

Few days ago God committed a murder
World said dog, I called him my brother
People said don’t cry, go and get another
World is so heartless, I can’t call them humans any further


PIZZO was the best thing God ever created
He was a Kohinoor which cannot be replicated
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
I wish he could once again become mine

Without my Pizzo my life won’t be the same
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

One day I was sleeping and I got a call
Dad is not well, rush to the hospital
tears in my eyes and prayer on my lips
I reached there just to see papa’s heartbeat skip

PAPA died in front of my eyes, I couldn’t save him
Till the end he kept on smiling, how brave of him
He was a saint on this earth, no one can portray him
I hope he has gone to a better place, I just pray for him

DAD was my everything - My sunshine, my rain
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

Since dad passed away my mother doesn’t keep well
She doesn’t show she is in pain, but I can tell
God took away her mother, father, husband, and Pizzo-son
She still believes in god and says He’s the only ONE

MOM is my strength, my guardian, my friend
My mom is my idol, an unfading
She has struggled a lot in life just to fulfill all my needs
I’m lucky to have her, I must have done some good deeds

MOM has always lived for others without any personal gain
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

I found the love of my life but she wasn’t meant for me
While I was striving to get her she was finding a new he
Her parents disapproved because we both followed different religions
I think they misinterpreted God’s version of humanity and his vision

SHE still comes in my dreams and my eyes drizzle
Was she forced to leave me or she willingly left?   This is the riddle
I’m sure she tried her best but I still think she could’ve done more
But if she is happy in her life then I couldn’t have asked for more

I lost everything for her; she said she didn’t gain
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

I’ve lost my lil’ brother and my lovely father
I’m unable to properly take care of my sister and mother
God gave me a life but it seems like a committed murder
I’m tired of myself, I don’t want to live any further

So much to rhyme, so less time
Everyone seems to be my own, still can’t call them mine
The pendulum is swinging, I’m losing the time
God gives me pain and in reply -> I just rhyme

On this wonderful earth, I’m the bad stain
. . . . . This is the reason I rhyme my pain

In loving memory of PIZZO (29.01.2000 - 10.04.2012, 1:30 PM, in my arms)

Pizzo's facebook page --> P I Z Z O

                                                                                          - J.Walia

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chal koi na

Chal koi na – Kale beh ke roi na
Jo chale gaya so chale gaya
Jo reh gaya ohnu tu khoyi na
Chal koi na – Kale beh ke roi na

Kuch manzil meri dur bari ae
Kuch tez chaldi samay di ghari ae
Kuch apne he mera saath chadan
Kuch zimevariyan di payi hathkadi ae

Jad tak mukaam haasil nai hunda – Tu aaram naal soi na
Chal koi na – Kale beh ke roi na

Ethe apne he apneyan nu maaran
Kayi te mare maa-pe v na saadan
Hun haiga pyara Ram koi na
Saare he ethe zehreele Raavan

Jo loki karde ohna nu kar len de – Tu nafrat de beej kadi boyi na
Chal koi na – Kale beh ke roi na

Koi kave meinu teri chal nai pasand
Koi kave lambe tere vaal nai pasand
Har koi mere ch kami rahe kad da
Koi kave pagg bani lal nai pasand
Loki te har dum nukas he kad de - Dujea layi apne aap nu tu khoyi na
Chal koi na – Kale beh ke roi na

Kayi kehn ge tu ohna di fikar karni chad de
Kayi kehn ge sanu apne dillo he kad de
Kayi apni galtiyan da v dosh tuhade te laan
Kayi kehn ge khud nu zinde-jee he vad de

Loki te beshukare ne – Tu ohna layi befikara hoyi na
Chal koi na – Kale beh ke royi na

Don’t worry, life goes on either with or without them
If you can’t bear fruits, then be the foundational stem.
Some will pull you down, some will let you down
But remember, God made us all and every individual is a gem.

Try to be nice, try to wise, try once, try twice, try even thrice
Try to share your rice, try not to be the reason of anyone’s cries.
Try to do good, because you should, and if you could, try to be understood
Try to share your hood, try always to be good – Touchwood.
People will come, people will go
Don’t allow them to make your life go slow.
Always be happy, and always make others happy
Keep on smiling, always mainta
in that glow.

Always motivate others, sometimes all they need is a nudge
Keep humanity over religion, that would be being kludge.
Forgive everyone and don’t keep any grudge
Don’t worry about others as God is the ultimate judge.

Chal Koi Na.....


                                                                                       - J.Walia

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